Sabaidee Fest celebrates Southeast Asian culture through the talents of artists, dancers, and musicians. Our cultural stage will have a variety of performances and activities that you will enjoy. From dancing and music to papaya salad contests, we will have a lot to be excited for. The cultural program is made possible by a number of Southeast Asian groups and non-profit organizations who share a mission to share their culture with the community.  Sabaidee Fest believes in giving back to the communities we serve and will be donating a portion of our profits to each of these organizations. We welcome you to learn about these groups and explore their past works.

Nangfa Studios

Nangfa Studios

Nangfa Studio was founded in 2018 by Angel Vang and Co-founder Rocky Vang. Nangfa is a dance studio that focuses on Southeast Asian cultures through dance and entertainment such as, Hmong, Thai, Laotion, and Cambodian. Representing Fresno; Nangfa Studio has been holding down the winning 1st Place championship title in Traditional Dance at the Fresno Hmong New Year Celebration Dance Competion ever since 2018.

Check out their YouTube channel:

Nangfa Studios YouTube

Nkauj Kab Ntsab

Nkauj Kab Ntsab

Coach of Nkauj Kab Ntsab, Melissa Thao, put the group together in 2017. That year, Nkauj Kab Ntsab (NKN) had their first competition, placing top 3 in 3 different California Hmong New Years. In 2018, NKN placed 1st in 3 different California Hmong New Years. NKN works as a team to be their own hair stylist, makeup artist, and clothes designer and seamstress. Currently, NKN are still performing for many public and private events, however, are mainly focused on teaching Hmong dance to our younger dancers.

Check out their FaceBook page:

Nkauj Kab Ntsab FaceBook


Kinnaly was formed in 2002 from the passion and dedication of one woman, Pom Outama Khampradith (1971-2014). “Upon founding the Kinnaly Dance Troupe, she spent over a decade teaching and inspiring Lao American youth Lao traditional dance, music and culture, creating innovative approaches to making the art accessible to the community” (AA Press). She was passionate about Lao culture and arts and wanted to share the beauty of Laos with the rest of the world. “Her enthusiasm for the arts constantly inspired artists in many disciplines. She made clear connections between lifelong success and the arts as part of the Lao American renaissance” (Little Laos On The Prairie).

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Lao Community Cultural Center of Fresno (LCCCF)

Our mission is to preserve and promote Lao culture. We provide free Lao cultural classes (literacy, culture, classical music, and dance) on Sundays. These classes provide youths and adults the opportunity to learn about Lao culture and traditions. It is run by dedicated volunteers. We believe culture awareness helps build self-esteem and boost confidence in the individual and their family. Our goal is to showcase the Lao culture through dance and music to bring awareness and appreciation for the Lao American people.

Check out their website:

Champa Noy

Champa Noy

Champa Noy aka Little Plumerias is a non profit dance team specializing in Laotian traditional, classical and modern dances…established in late 2018 right before COVID-19. Champa Noy was created by a San Diego community member and mother whose goals were to keep Laotian traditions and customs alive through dance and arts.

Sherina Han-Khampraseuth

Sherina Han-Khampraseuth

Sabaidee Pa, Mae, P’nong! My name is Sherina Han-Khampraseuth. I’ve been performing the wooden Lao xylophone, the Lanat, for over 25 years and teaching for 15 years. My favorite song to play is “Nok Khao,” a song about a bird that spreads it wings and flies away from home but does not forget where it came from. It’s a metaphor for those moving to the bigger city but not forgetting the village they came from. I love performing the lanat because it helps tell multigenerational stories.     

Sao Lao Khmu Dance Group

Sao Lao Khmu dance group

What's Khmu? Khmu is one of the ethnic groups that are native to the country of Laos. The Sao Lao Khmu dance group was established in 2010 by loving mothers who wanted their children to learn and be aware of their culture and heritage. The dance group started with four students between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. The group reminds our children of our culture and traditions, that it is not just about performing at special occasions or celebrating the New Year, but mainly to understand the Who, What, and Where. The mission for our performers is to acknowledge that each dance has its own unique storytelling and style. Lao-Khmu (Southeast Asian) dances exemplify gracefulness, gentleness and self control; and they also come with self respect. Sao Lao Khmu has been honored in joining so many occasions and gatherings thoughout the years. Sao Lao Khmu is currently representing Fresno. Follow Khmu Asian Grace on Facebook and Instagram. For more information about Khmu culture and Khmu around the USA please visit &


Nkauj Hmoob Nas Ej (NHNE)

Nkauj Hmoob Nas Ej (NHNE) was created in November of 2021 by their coach Valentine Moua. NHNE dance team continually evolves through different dance styles and techniques in hopes to inspire the next wave of the Hmong dance community. Within their first year of competing in several Hmong dance competitions, Nkauj Hmoob Nas Ej charmed the audience with their performances and also took first place at the 2022 Oklahoma Hmong New Year in which they competed against 12 dance teams from all over the United States.Follow Nkauj Hmoob Nas Ej on Facebook to learn more about the team and their goals for 2023.


The LunaBellas was created in 2015 by two best friends, Houa Yang and Pahoua Vang, with over 20 years of dance experience. The LunaBellas is a competitive Hmong dance team in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, with dancers from Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay, WI. Our dancers have won numerous competitions over the years and have performed around the States and in Laos.The LunaBellas mission is to empower, build confidence, and foster acceptance and appreciation through the discipline of dance. We believe in the importance of human kindness and working together to make a difference in our communities. We have a passion for dance and love giving back to the community by completing volunteer activities throughout the year. Additionally, the Lunabellas co-founded a new library in Laos in 2018 through Children’s Library International called The Phonsavath Library and Learning Center.Dances by the LunaBellas are a fusion of dance forms mainly inspired by the beauty and cultures of Southeast Asia. Many artistic elements are combined to create a meaningful dance routine. Everything you see is designed with a purpose, from the movements to the costumes, the hair, and even the make-up. The final touch is the dancers’ passion and emotion. LunaBellas’ art of dance is meant to be shared with the world.

Modern Aspara Group

Modern Aspara Company

The Modern Apsara Company bridges the modern world to the sacred art of Cambodian classical dance. Through performance, training, and workshops, the Modern Apsara Company honors the legacies of past and current dance masters by showcasing their work in elevated spaces. The company was founded by first generation Cambodian-American refugee, Reaksmey “Mea” Lath, with the purpose of preserving the integrity and majestic quality of the traditions left by the ancestors and passed down to her by her teachers.

Teng Her playing Qeej

Teng Her

Qeej is an instrument made of bamboo, wood and bronze. They come different sizes. The instrument is use for many Hmong ceremonies and rituals such as funeral, new year, wedding and etc. I’ve been playing this instrument for 21 years and I’ve been helping out my community here in Fresno for 18 years. I’ve started learning qeej because to me it is a very unique instrument. Through playing songs, it teaches us about history and story of our hmong ancestors. Today I still continue learning and teaching this instrument because I want to help preserve this beautiful instrument for our hmong youth who still consider it.

Washington Khmu Youth

Washington Khmu Youth

WA Khmu Youth was formed in the spring of 2022 by first generation Khmu Lamet mothers hoping to preserve, teach and learn about our culture and people alongside our children. We have been around for many moons and hope through the eyes of our elders we will be able to capture their stories, their experiences and share it with our children so they may thrive in their upbringing to live and embrace who they are and where they came from!

Khmu Youth Org will be hosting our Family Zone at the festival!


Dao Noy

Lao Dancers of SoCal was formed by moms who wanted to build a safe space for their daughters to build self-esteem, connect with the Lao community and build lasting relationships with other Lao youth. Our mission is to preserve and promote the Lao culture and traditions. Showcasing our beautiful culture will continue our legacy and build a strong family oriented community . To achieve this mission, we encourage and welcome Lao youth to learn traditional dance while volunteering within the surrounding communities of Southern California.

Lao Heritage Foundation

The Lao Heritage Foundation (LHF) is as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity based in the Washington, D.C. area with the mission to preserve, promote, and transmit Lao culture through the Arts. Please find more information about our programs here at